Application Form

Your interest in our lending services is greatly appreciated. While we are eager to have a conversation with you about your project, we must first examine the preliminary project documents in order to decide how interested we are and be prepared for our call.

Only after reviewing your preliminary documents, do we schedule a call. This cannot be negotiated. As soon as the documents are received, we will review and pre-screen all projects.

Prior to scheduling a call, our protocol necessitates a preliminary document evaluation. This is a critical stage that cannot be avoided. Upon receipt of the documents, we perform a thorough analysis and pre-screening of all projects.

Following a thorough review of the documents, we will determine whether we can work on the files or provide project financing support. If the project meets our lender’s criteria, we will contact you to begin the application procedure. However, if it fails to satisfy the criteria, we will notify you of our decision to decline the project. Depending on our current workload, the review procedure usually takes 2-4 business days.

In order to process your application, we require the following preliminary documentation:

  • Executive Summary
  • Business Plan with an Exit Strategy
  • Financial projections in Excel format for the next 5-10 years
  • Background of the sponsor and management
  • Project or construction budget

Please also include any additional information or evidence that would be helpful to your application.

Please be aware that our lenders have stringent funding policies that call for strict adherence to the rules they have set forth. We strongly counsel you to invest enough time in coming up with a project business plan that exceeds your standards and those of the lender. Please be aware that documents that are incomplete or inadequate will not be accepted.

Our financiers use a unique platform that follows rigid procedures and guidelines that cannot be changed. If you follow these rules, the process will be simple; however, if you attempt to modify it, you could as well search for a better option somewhere else.

Project Information

Global Trade Funding does not provide 100% financing for any project. There are no project finance providers in the world who do. Project finance loans we arrange provide a maximum of 90% of project cost.

You are required to submit your business plan and financial modeling before your request for financing will be considered or processed. You will receive detailed instructions when submitting this form.

Project finance has a $20 million USD minimum

We do not provide 100% financing for any project. We require at least 10% equity in every project.

Type your name in this box to attest to the accuracy of the information you are submitting and the hit the submit button. Type your full name to electronically indicate that the information is true and accurate.