DIG Project Finance Partners (LP)

Investment Philosophy

We rigorously evaluate all credit prospects at both the corporate and individual levels, generating attractive risk-adjusted returns for our partners. By using the breadth and depth of our investment team, we aim to maximise expected return rather than prospective return through fundamentally-driven, bottom-up investment selection.

Investment Objectives

The main goal of DIG’s Project Partners is to preserve the investment capital of our investors by carefully selecting investments that may generate 1.5x cash in five years and cash flows yields of 5–6% on the debt component annually. Our methods for delivering this value are focused on the following:

Risk Analysis
With risk analysis, we are able to incorporate strategies for creating investment portfolios with reduced risk and successfully blended returns.

Investment Targets
Through international outreach, we draw qualified candidates, enabling us to create “A” class investment targets with bankable projects that are compatible with our risk-averse models.

Expected Returns
In order for a project to be considered, it must generate a minimum cash-on-cash return of 1.5-2X within five years.

We leverage on investment banking exit strategy by combining the accumulated ownership interests in our investments into a variety of offerings, including Master Limited Partnerships.

Investment Approach

We fund projects that exhibit strong cash flow characteristics. When we spot an opportunity, we collaborate with the management of the company to bring about growth and profitability. In order to generate long-term value for our partners, we place more emphasis on execution than on macroeconomic or sectoral trends.

Mitigate Risk
We only invest in businesses that adhere to our financial partners’ rigorous, exclusive underwriting process.

Strong Management Team
We look for businesses with management teams that have a track record of success that are seeking a non-recourse financing to fund bankable projects.

Credit Assurance
We work with businesses that can apply for senior financing provided by a commercial or investment banks.