How to Invest

Why invest with Demaco Investment Group as a Project Partner?

Business Strategy
Our business strategy of never disbursing cash builds a firewall of insurances to assist & ensure that none of our investments ever experience a loss. The insurance policies offer loss protection.

Cash Flow Element
To generate unlevered returns on the cash-management Mezzanine component of 6-8% or more annually from day one, we pick projects with high dividend expectations.

Reduced Risk
DIG completes underwriting by engaging with internationally renowned insurance providers to bind line-item expenses, reducing the default risk of the loan guarantee even before the loan is made.

Positive Returns
Our tested strategy targets a 2X cash-on-cash return over five years by combining a value investment approach with operating knowledge and capital discipline.

Environment, Social and Corporate Governance
We are committed to adopting the ESG’s best practices with the aim of being best-in-class in ESG with the view to protect the environment, grow the economy and meet public needs.

On How to Invest