Engineering, Procurement & Construction

The EPC team at Demaco Investment Group provides a wide range of engineering, procurement and construction management consulting services to public and private sectors of different countries around the world.

The Implementation of large projects on the basis of intuition no longer corresponds to economic realities and cannot meet the growing demands of business in the context of globalization and entry into world markets. For this reason, our services enable large businesses to avoid costly mistakes in project implementation and also help in solving less significant tasks for which clients cannot always allocate time and human resources.

DIG provides advisory services to project owners / sponsors as well as offer multi-disciplined team of professionals that manage all phases of construction projects from feasibility to commissioning.

We have extensive expertise and experience in the following project development and implementation areas:

Early Development Phase:
At the early development phase, DIG provides consultancy services to the engineering firms and project sponsors / owners while taking on pre-feasibility studies, bankable feasibility and environmental assessments. We ensure the interests of the project sponsors are represented at each stage of the project development and implementation.

Design Engineering Phase:
Demaco Investment Group provides lenders and project sponsors with expert advice and oversight of subcontractors during the design and construction phases of the project.

At this phase, we provide supervision of the engineering firms during detailed design and engineering activities.

We assemble winning consortiums and support high quality proposal responses, marketing and post-award project implementation to help you maximize your company’s chances of winning.

With our team of technical partners, we provide specialized engineering resources to de-risk and strengthen your projects.

Construction Phase:
At this phase where construction, project management as well as testing and commissioning take place, DIG engages with the most experienced Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractors to make your project a success. We support the EPC contractors during post-award implementation and arrange construction stage finance and insurance. We work in collaboration with the development and implementation team to ensure the project is completed on time, within budget, conforms to contract documents and industry standards as well as minimize sponsors’ risk of litigation from unfounded claims by the project contractors.

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